The Cellular Fools

remember a day

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The Cellular Fools - remember a day - album


"Where have you gone, Mr. Pink Floyd, with your guitars streaming through spheres?"

Sound engineer Pascal Reinhardt was quite busy expressing the various ideas of the Duo. Modern sound processing made authentic violin tones in "Nightmares", for example, sound like ice crystals falling down on earth; in "Mr. Pink Floyd" we feel reminded of wale singing or the noises of unknown creatures in the forest. Even original sounds from Kerala (India), recorded by the blind social-entrepreneur Sabrye Tenberken, found their way into the song "Syd", obviously dedicated to the early singer-songwriter of Pink Floyd. In fact, seven of thirteen tracks were spiritually influenced by the legendary art-rock band. Yet, The Cellular Fools do not like to be pigeonholed. In their starting track "City Of Gold", for instance, they produce a cool urban city sound, whereas "Neon" comes up as a bright transformation of Dan Flavin's visionary light art.
Later on, inspired by the famous children's book "The Wind In The Willows" The Cellular Fools take us on a phantasmagoric journey "All Along The Backwater". The rising of the sun in "Two Little Ants Waiting For Her Majesty" is portrayed in a fragile bird's singing accompanied by church organ tunes. On the other hand, the Duo confronts us with an oppressive Western scenery in "Yellow Clouds". Using typical sounds of the late 1960s and the early 1970s, the dark side of the moon is finally reached by the albums bonus track "Anthrosin". Here, together with his musical friend Evi Lerch, the keyboardist and singer-songwriter Thomas Zwerina expresses his criticism of future nuclear wars in the psychedelic depth of insane-like space sounds.